Welcome to Uweso Consulting

We aim to generate business value for the clients we work with, while striving to achieve our own business vision. As a specialist consulting company, we have over the years provided a wide range of services to numerous clients in both the private and public sectors. Whether you need strategic insight or tactical and operational support, we are ideally positioned to craft a wide range of business and development solutions.

Uweso Consulting Services

 Our business is about the facilitation of knowledge, expertise and client support to provide customised and flexible solutions according to exact client requirements. We follow a collaborative approach which ensures that our clients are fully informed and aware of project developments whilst delivering cost-effective, ...
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Techno Girl

 The current trend in SA is that boys outperform girls in Maths and Science. According to the Report on the National Senior Certificate Examinations Results 2010, in mathematics 52% of boys passed as opposed to 44% of girls...
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