About Us

Uweso Consulting, is a majority black women-owned company with a level three BEE rating. It draws on a wealth of experience to provide solutions such as programme and project management, monitoring and evaluation and development consulting. We are passionately proud of our extensive track record in a range of projects within the corporate and public sectors. We are also able to leverage specialist knowledge and expertise from an extensive base of business associates. We offer a robust approach to our projects, informed by the following:

  • participative approach which enables the implementation of measures for sustainable and positive solutions;
  • collaborative work approach to project and programme management which ensures our clients are fully informed and aware of project developments;
  • an approach that enables empowerment of clients to take ownership of tools and methodologies over the longer term; and
  • consistent high value outputs.


To be a leading driver of innovative strategies to facilitate sustainable business, social and human capital development in Africa.

To grow our business by working in partnership with all our stakeholders to craft unique, innovative and sustainable business and social development solutions.


  • Working to empower
  • Quality service provision
  • Shared ideas and solutions
  • Efficiency and effectiveness


  Gender Population group Ownership Stake
Staff Sithole Female Black 51%
Robert Hofmeyr Male White 49%