Programme Goal

To place 4000 disadvantaged girls per year in a structured job shadowing programme in the participating provinces and expose them to the world of work so that they can make informed career choices.

Programme Objectives

  • To expose girls, through job shadowing, to the world of work during school holidays;
  • To increase the knowledge of girls on careers they are exposed to;
  • To increase awareness of the importance of subject choices to future career preferences;
  • To expose girls to mentors in the workplace for particular careers;
  • To expose girls to practical job tasks in the workplace for particular careers; and
  • To increase knowledge of girls on the planning processes of their future career choices.

Programme Implementation
To be effective and have meaningful impact, a job shadowing programme cannot be a once-off activity.  It has to be approached on a long-term, structured and systematic basis.  Typically, we envisage the girl child being placed within a company for three consecutive holiday periods annually over a period of four years.

The above cycle repeats over a four-year period, for example, a girl will enter the programme whilst completing Grade 9, continue the programme during Grade 9, 10 and 11 and exit upon completion of Grade 12.


For the girl child:

  • it provides girls with first hand insider information into what their career of interest involves;
  • it provides girls with the opportunity to understand the benefits and challenges of positions in those careers;
  • it motivates girls to develop a personal action plan to study further to secure a job of interest;
  • it helps girls gain valuable insight that can assist them in determining where their interest lies;
  • it provides girls with an understanding of Mathematics as a prerequisite to pursue studies in most critical careers;
  • it enables girls to learn and observe team work on the job;
  • it enables girls to examine how education and training relates to success on the job;
  • it enables girls to understand that education is key to getting in-demand jobs;

For the Job Shadowing Partners:

  • it contributes towards the achievement of BBBEE scorecard compliance;
  • it provides companies with a platform to build corporate reputation and branding;
  • it provides companies with a pool of girls whom they can motivate and support to pursue studies in careers where they experience critical skills shortages;
  • it provides companies with a pool of talented girls they can offer employment to after completion of grade 12;
  • it provides companies with an avenue to participate in the development of human capital to enhance economic growth;
  • it provides companies the opportunity to partner with Government to address socio economic challenges;